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Mercury 300 Seapro CMS
  • Mercury 300 Seapro CMS
SKU: MER04016

Mercury 300 Seapro CMS

Every day, even in the toughest conditions, SeaPro high-horsepower outboards are built to tackle the biggest jobs. They feature heavy-duty components designed to work as hard as you do, with unmatched corrosion resistance to go wherever the task takes you.

  • Adaptive Speed Control: Maintain engine rpm despite changes in load or conditions, with no throttle adjustment.
  • Industry-Exclusive Battery Management Technology: When needed, the idle charge battery management system works for you by monitoring battery voltage and adjusting engine rpm at idle to boost alternator output.
  • Easy to Maintain: The industry-exclusive top-cowl access door eliminates hassle, allowing you to check or top off oil without removing the cowl. And gearcase oil can easily be drained from the torpedo.
  • Heavy Duty Gearcase: SeaPro gearcases are validated at three times the lifespan of a recreational gearcase. The V10 SeaPro engine features an all-new rugged gearcase with advanced hydrodynamics for control, efficiency and durability.
  • Reliability & Durability: High-horsepower SeaPro outboards generate ample torque at lower rpm levels, enabling operators to work their outboards hard without placing excess stress on the engine.
  • 250/186

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